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1. Find / Request
1. Request a crane Gifting is great and easy! Order a paper crane for yourself of as a gift for someone else.

It will be folded especially for it's recipient and it will have an unique identity.

If you can't pick it up personally, you will receive it in a nice and beautiful envelope. At this point, all cranes are sent free in Bulgaria!
2. Register
2. Register the crane here On the bottom side of each crane there is an unique url (with a code). Open it and with just a few clicks you will mark that the crane is within you.

This way we can track it's journey together! All the places visited and all the smiles it brought!

You can also subscribe for notifications about this particular crane, and follow it's path by receiving e-mails each time someone else registers it.
3. Make someone happy!
3. Gift the crane to someone Now it's time you make someone else smile! Gift the crane and remind the person to open the link too.

If you like the idea - please share it! Let's make it easier for everyone to make others happier.

And don't forget - you can gift the crane to anybody, even if you don't know him. Everyone deserves to be happy!